What makes a great book cover?

As a self-published author, you have to prove yourself in the marketplace in order to be taken seriously and have people actually buy your books. One way to accomplish this is ensuring that every book you publish has a great book cover. […]

How to Build a Following Before Your Book is Published

Every author dreams of having legions of fans drooling over the release of their new book. Nothing is more exciting than selling thousands of copies on the very first day! It’s also a thrill connecting with people who thoroughly enjoy your writing. […]

6 Ways for Self-Published Authors to Handle Bad Reviews

For a self-published author, getting a bad review can feel a lot like getting punched in the stomach. It hurts deeply and often takes the wind right out of you. Anger is usually the next emotion, followed by feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy. It’s not a pretty cycle, but it does come with the […]

10 Tips For Self-Publishing A Multi-Contributor Anthology

Back in October, myself and twenty-nine fellow bloggers self-published The Mother of All Meltdowns, an anthology featuring a collection of “worst moment ever” stories. […]

Self-Publishing Checklist

Since publishing my last book, The Mother of All Meltdowns, I’ve had a lot of people approach me asking what was involved. […]