Open for Early 2015 Submissions

Blue Lobster Book Co. is now accepting submissions for three new anthologies planned for release in early 2015. They are:
PROJECT #1: The Children in Iraq Weep for Us (humor)
Do you catch yourself complaining about first-world problems? Is your day ruined if your gel nails chip after only one week?  WTF? They’re supposed to last at least two weeks!  Have you ever cursed at your Internet service provider because your Wi-Fi was too slow?  Time Warner is the devil; amiright?  […]

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Help Make a Dream Come True! Today Only!

Hey everyone,
I’m posting to see if you’ll help make a dream come true! Blue Lobster would love to hit the Amazon Best Seller’s List with it’s new book Clash of the Couples (a book co-authored by forty-six writers and bloggers). The book recently hit #2 in its category (Marriage) and has been a hot […]

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