The Power of Blurb: An Integrated Self-Publishing Platform

Indie authors can choose from a number of self-publishing platforms. Some are extremely well-known, while others are just emerging as contenders. One platform worth taking note of is Blurb. Launched in 2005, millions of books have been created using Blurb’s suite of book development and marketing tools. With Blurb, everything is integrated to make the process of self-publishing more streamlined—from formatting to distribution. […]

Navigating Self-Publishing with BookLife: Insight from Editor Adam Boretz

When navigating self-publishing, indie authors are faced with countless choices. Decisions must be made on how and where to publish a book, what marketing strategies will be used, and whether or not self-publishing is a stepping stone to finding an agent or traditional publisher. As the owner of a self-publishing boutique, I field a lot of these questions for authors. One of the resources that I frequently use is BookLife from Publishers Weekly. […]