I’ve had the extreme pleasure of working with humor writer and blogger, Anne Bardsley, on the cover redesign of her new book, How I Earned My Wrinkles: Musings on Marriage, Motherhood, and Menopause. The original cover had a self-published look and feel. The goal was to lose the DIY persona and meet the standards of a traditionally published book. Here are some of the early cover ideas:

EC7 (1)




03 (1)

None of these captured the humor of the book and the personal stories shared inside the pages. We tried placing the author on the cover (per request).┬áThe particular genre “motherhood humor” is infiltrated with covers done in blue and pink hues. We opted for a darker, rich blend of yellow and red.

15 (1)

Not quite there yet, we went back to the drawing board and used photo manipulation to create the ideal cover image. Here is the final cover design for both the eBook and print editions:


cover (1)