Garage Door Facts: How to Add a Second Open-Close Switch to a Garage Door Opener?

Garage door opener installers typically situate door control changes in troublesome places. Added button controls are offered for numerous or solitary garage doors. Garage door control buttons need to be positioned just where the driver has a complete sight of the closing or opening up garage door. When your garage door needs¬†to install a garage door opener, it’s time to call the expert.¬†Garage Door Repair service || is just a click away.

Find the terminals on the garage door opener noted for the setup of the button. Do not perplex these terminals with the turning around photo-eye terminal.

Things You’ll Need to Repair
1. Switch with mounting hardware
2. Screwdriver
3. Low-voltage electrical wire
4. Insulated staples
5. Hammer.

Place the low-voltage cord right into the incurable as well as press till it is totally seated.

Find the place where the 2nd button will certainly be mounted. The button requires to be at the very least 5 feet from the ground as well as unreachable of youngsters.

Run the low-voltage cord from the driver to the button, initially along the ceiling and afterward the wall surface.

Straddle the cable with the protected staples and also touch them right into the wall surface making use of a hammer. Make certain not to harm the cord.

Transform the opener button upside-down as well as situate both cord terminals.

Loosen the terminals with a screwdriver up until the cords will certainly fit beneath the screws.

Place the cords right into the terminals and also screw them down.

Place the placing equipment screws right into the button’s placing openings and also screw right into the wall surface.

Tips & Warnings
Garage doors and also garage door openers can be extremely harmful. Maintain pets as well as kids away whenever operating or dealing with these systems.

Garage door opener installers usually find door control switches over in troublesome areas. Added button controls are offered for several or solitary garage doors. Lots of homeowners like buttons to be mounted on the residence’s inside, near accessibility doors. Garage door control buttons should be put just where the driver has a complete sight of the closing or opening up garage door.