I’m now accepting submissions for the second edition of the parenting bestseller, The Mother of All Meltdowns. The book has been a huge success, but I believe there are a lot of meltdown stories left to be shared. This time around I want to hear about your personal relationship meltdowns! I don’t want you to talk smack about your partner. That’s not what this book is about. Rather, I want to hear about the funniest or craziest arguments you’ve ever had as a couple. What did you fight over that was so unbelievably stupid, you still laugh about it to this day? This is now a co-ed edition! Guys – get published!

Deadline for submissions: August 15, 2014

The book will be printed under my label, Blue Lobster Book Co. I will assume all costs related to publishing and marketing the book.

Contributor Guidelines:

  1. Each submission should be between 1,000 and 2,500 words, embedded into the body of your email.
  2. Submissions should contain original content, not previously published. Please do not republish elsewhere. If accepted for inclusion into the book, submissions should not be used in their entirety as blog posts, articles, etc. for the period of time specified in contract. Duplicate content is penalized by major search engines and frowned upon by major publishers.
  3. Submissions are subject to copyediting; however, every effort will be made not to change the tone of the content.
  4. The submission should directly relate to a personal story or event, limiting the use of third-party names, where possible.
  5. Please avoid the use of quotes, poetry, and song lyrics, where possible, as they present copyright issues.
  6. Please include a bio, headshot, and URLs to blog, social media profiles, etc. (can send at a later date) for promotional purposes.


All contributors will be paid $100 for their submissions after publishing expenses are recouped (we recovered costs in less than sixty days with The Mother of All Meltdowns) and after the book reaches the required sales to reimburse across the board (i.e. 30 contributors = $3,000 in sales after expenses are recouped). More details will be provided if accepted. A bonus program will be available to those who actively and aggressively market the book on an ongoing basis.

Please send your submissions to mommifried@gmail.com. Use the headline Submission: MOAM2.