I’ve spent a great deal of time in recent months (years!) navigating through Google+ communities designed for Indie authors and those looking for help and information on self-publishing. The really good ones are far and few between.

Below are some of the best in terms of engagement, interaction, depth of discussions, and what is and isn’t allowed (How many rules can one community have before its members revolt?). If you know of others, please add them in the comments and I will update this list accordingly.

APE: Authors, Publishers, Entrepreneurs

This is without a doubt THE best community for self-publishers. Based on the hugely popular book from Guy Kawasaki, this community includes a ton of tips and how to’s , thoughtful discussions, and is moderated by Guy’s right-hand whiz Peg Fitzpatrick. One word of caution: do not spam this community! Self-promotion is hugely frowned upon.

Digital Publishing

This community is similar to APE in terms of quality of posts and discussions. What I really like about this community is that Indie authors are genuinely trying to learn from one another. Authors share their experiences and take time to help their fellow authors. Pretty cool! This is another community where self-promotion is a no-go.

Indie Readers & Writers

Designed to help readers and writers come together to discuss interests, discover new works, and promote the ever-growing Indie writing community on G+, Indie Readers & Writers is active and ever-growing.

Self Publishing

You’ll find timely discussions and links to informative articles and info on self-publishing your own book. There’s a lot about using social media as an author, too.

eBook Publishing

This is a niche community for those needing help with writing, formatting, and marketing their eBooks. Some self-promotion is allowed.

Publishing and Book Publicity

A group for publishers and publicists. Authors are invited if they do not self-promote. Nicely moderated with timely responses to questions.

Promote Your Book!

Disclosure: I started and moderate this group, which has grown tremendously in the past two months.

There are very few communities that allow authors to actively share and promote their books. This community encourages authors to share what they’re working on or have recently published, and interact with a community of people passionate about reading. The goal is to bridge the gap between author and reader and help foster personal interactions.